Vufine+ Vision Aid Bundle

Vufine+ Vision Aid Bundle

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Loss of peripheral vision can occur after stroke, traumatic brain injury, brain tumor and other neurologic diseases and injuries. The loss of vision significantly impacts people with increased risk of falls, impaired reading ability, decreased mobility (impaired walking) decreased independence (loss of driving privileges) and an overall reduced quality of life.

Conventional treatment options typically include changes to visual behavior (i.e. gaze training), or augmentation with a prismatic device. Despite the frequency of this impairment, attempts to help offset visual field loss with these techniques have been limited.

Vufine is working with Dr. Politzer (the inventor) and Dr. Spencer (his neuro-ophthalmogist and stroke specialist colleague) to develop a new approach to improve awareness of visual field loss. The device utilizes the Vufine paired with digital visual input through a small camera aimed towards areas of visual field deficit. The camera acquires images from the zone of visual field loss and presents these to one of the eyes in real time via miniaturized display. With this technology, the patient is able to attend to their normal retained peripheral vision as well as be aware of the visual input from the area of their visual field loss. This type of synchronous visual input is not provided in any other technology currently available. With the current system, the amount of increased visual awareness is approximately 60 degrees.

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