See it all, Catch ’em all

How many of you have been swept up by the Pokémon Go craze? Here at Vufine, we all had the game downloaded on Day 1. Regardless of early server issues, we've been out since then using Vufine as our very own PokéHUD to make sure we're keeping our eyes forward instead of glued down to our phones.

There have been countless headlines about the potential dangers of Pokémon Go. Everyone is walking through crowded, busy streets with their eyes glued to their phones looking for Pokémon. People are mindlessly walking in front of cars, stumbling into things, and there even have been stories about people getting mugged! Have you seen the viral video of the player who was heading towards a lure and accidentally fell into a pond? Vufine can provide a solution to all of this by allowing players to keep their eyes forward while simultaneously monitoring their Pokémon app.

Check out the epic video we shot of our chief product designer catching Pokémon around San Francisco.

We encourage you all to try it out! Connect your Vufines to your mobile device and monitor the Pokémon GO app as you embark on your journey. When you notice a Pokémon approaching, pause and/or step aside to successfully capture it.

We will continue to test and share our Pokémon adventures so be sure to keep an eye on our youtube channel for more videos.

In the meantime, we want to see your Pokémon Go pics! Post pictures on Twitter with #PokémonGO and #Vufine and we will retweet them!

Best, The Vufine Team